You want to buy directly from China?
Not sure where to start? Who to trust?
We assist you with importing your products from China. With our local network and extensive experience we know how to find the right supplier for you. We are here to help you import in the safest and most cost-effective way. Assisting you with sourcing, quality control and the logistics, importing from China has never been easier.

Why do I need sourcing assistance?

Importing from China has its difficulties and risks. Finding a trustworthy supplier without having local contacts is hard, as is finding someone who can do an effective quality control. We take care off all this, and more.
Minimizing your risk and ensuring a smooth run of your import operation from beginning till end.

Contact us with your China import plans and we can advice you whether your plan is viable. Already importing from China and facing quality, payment or logistics problems? Send us an email and we can help you fix them.
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